Revolution in Ukraine
The events which are developed in Ukraine, of course, can't but please honest Marxists (I repent of having delayed writing about this so long).
However, we see that the position of Russian communists (at least official communists) on these events is openly treacherous, openly holding with Russian imperialism and its neocolonial puppet Yanukovich. Although it would be naive to expect another reaction from them, but it is outrageous how openly them hold with Kremlin.
For example, the "left" site portrays Ukrainian protesters as "fascists" and calls for collaboration with "Berkut" [Ukrainian special police forces] in the struggle against protesters. To support Ukrainian protesters, Rabkor's scribblers say, is as good as to support radical Islamists. We see that for, which is as far from proletariat as the sky far from the earth, internationalist position of alliance with radical Islamists is something extraordinary, which can be used as scarecrow, but at the same time the collaboration with "Berkut" is normal thing.
Here it is necessary to mention the demolition of Lenin's monument by Ukrainian protesters. Russian mass media bawl with one accord: "Vandals!", although the same mass media called Lenin as "German spy", "pederast" - what abusive labels have them not pinned on them!
I remind reader that Lenin, as the founder of Islam Mohammed, was ardent enemy of idolatry. "We want people to read us, not to worship us" - he said. But Stalin and Russian imperialism make the idol from Lenin, turning Leninism into religion. This monument was built under Stalin and in fact is the symbol of domination of Russian imperialism over Ukrainian people, not the symbol of Leninism (Lenin, such ardent enemy of god-building, himself would break such monuments with hammer).
As I know, there were Lenin's words on that monument: "Only in alliance with Russian proletariat independent Ukraine is possible". The words which were true in the old days (notice, that Lenin said "in alliance with Russian proletariat", not "in alliance with Russian state"), later, at the time when Stalinists built that monument, became false. Indeed, Russia was transformed from proletarian state to bourgeois one, Russian proletariat was transformed to labor aristocracy in general, and the centre of world revolution shifted from Russia to East, today - to Muslim countries. So, those words as applied to the present period should be the following: "Only in alliance with Muslim proletariat (i.e. with radical Islamists) independent Ukraine is possible".
Indeed, owing to its relative fewness (45 millions people is much but not very much in comparison with Russia or Germany, even more so in comparison with USA, China, India etc.), Ukraine naturally will be the prey for imperialist predators - first of all for Russia and Europe, until world imperialist system as a whole broken. And for this breaking fraternal alliance with oppressed Muslim peoples, which are about 1.5 billions, is necessary. And, by the way, the phrases of Russian mass media that protesters aim at entering into European Union are the lie: no, they rather not aim at entering into European Union, but oppose the regime of Kremlin's puppet Yanukovich, and his refusal (by evident order of Kremlin) to sign a treaty with European Union, which he promised to sign at first, was only "casus belli", only "the last straw", which exhausted patience of Ukrainian people. Even bourgeois analysts if they not bought by Kremlin totally, acknowledge this fact. And between the leaders of opposition, who advocate the entering into European Union, on the one hand, and the masses of protesters, on the other hand, there is serious gap - the fact which is acknowledged even by lying Russian mass media. For example, the masses almost tore to tatters Klichko for his appeals to refuse revolutionary violence. The masses went farther than liberal, "European-like civilized" leaders, who are inclined to compromises with authorities.
As we see, our forecast, which we predicted three years ago (see my article "Revolution in the Middle East"), begin to be realized: the spark which was stricken by Tunisian and Egyptian proletariat develops into the flame, changing the world for the better bit by bit (not so quickly as we want: unfortunately, it is impossible for us to quicken the action of objective laws of history. We shall go on working, without unnecessary hurry). What takes place in Ukraine today is the beginning of revolution in Russia (even if revolution in Russia will occur after long time), because Russian imperialism holds its domination over its "own", Russian, proletariat thanks to colonial oppression. And official communists show themselves to be on the side of fascist Putin's regime and its puppet Yanukovich in this struggle.

January 21, 2014
A. G.