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Residential House Cleaning Business - 4 Ways to Attract New Customers

If you own a residential house cleaning service, then you are probably always looking for ways to attract new clients. By having a full schedule of regular clients, you are ensuring that you are profitable and with even more clients, you can begin to expand your business for even greater profits.

* Choose a Target Demographic

When you are advertising a residential cleaning business, you may feel that it is important to advertise to everyone! This is true, and if you run print advertisements in a local paper, then you are advertising to a wide group of prospective customers. Although you may consider working on marketing campaigns that target a specific group of people.

For example, if your best customers are pet owners, then you may consider creating fliers and advertisements just for that group and displaying the ads in places where that specific demographic is located. Your fliers can target problems that plague pet owners, like pet hair on furniture or pet odors in carpet, and show how your cleaning services can help to reduce their pet-related cleaning problems. The fliers can be placed in local pet stores, at dog parks, and, perhaps, you can make a deal with a pet grooming company to give one another leads. The more targeted approach allows you to hone in a specific customers and their special cleaning needs.

* Offer Discounts and Coupons During the Slow Season

Every type of business has their slow season. Is your slow season right after the holidays? Or maybe during summer when a lot of families are traveling and away from home? When you know when your slow season occurs, then you can plan ahead and offer special discounts. For instance, you can have a New Years Special of buy one cleaning service now and get your next cleaning visit half off, that can be used at any time. Offering specials that target your slow season may help to give you enough work to keep you busy and it may also attract some new customers.

* Offer Coupons in Print Advertisement

If you spend money on print advertisements in a local paper, then you should think about offering a coupon for new customers, on the condition that they mention the advertisement. Keeping track of which advertisements are worth paying for is essential for your business, and the discount for new customers can entice readers who are considering a cleaning service.

* Offer Discounts to Current Customers

Your current customers are a great source of referrals. And if you have been doing a great job, then they should not hesitate to give their friends a referral for your cleaning services. Every quarter or around every holiday, you should consider leaving a flier with your current customers to offer them a discount if they refer you to a new customer, even if that customer only uses your services once. The reminder every now and then of your standing offer to your current clients can keep you fresh in their thoughts if a friend or relative is ever looking for a new house cleaning service. Also, if you send holiday cards to your customers, this can also be a good time to remind them of discounts offered for referring new clients.


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