Money, money, money...

This is actually the cause of all that is material however the reason why man struggles so difficult. The value of money is so unstoppable now. It's so important though people always try to claim that it is not that so much important. The fact is so clear that money matters... a lot.

Around the world, money determines the status of a country in the international scene. The rich ones are of course- powerful. Those which are poor are usually the topic of oppression and discrimination. Even inside a country, there is a big deal between rich families and the masses. Sad to say, the gap is really big. We could claim that equality exists but there are so many obvious reasons telling us that it does not. How come many remain on the street begging for alms when many just spend to waste their savings?

Money is the cause of imbalance. The earth has in it a promise of equality but it seems strange. Third world countries have trying times to finance all their affairs especially education and health aspects are neglected. For other rich countries, people live with comfort and the value of their bit of coin is as much as the value of the third world's 12 hours.

This uneven distribution of wealth and finances greatly affect all. Some countries could finance big and expensive events for a night. It may include welcoming a lot of guests and showing off the riches of the place. For the poorest, their government could barely prioritize their basic needs over military equipment. Statistically, there are an overwhelming number of hungry people especially children. This is not overwhelming but a kick on our hearts.

Countries are creating a community of amity. They share what they have while others seek the help they needed. Why some countries' finance not suffices their people's mere existence? This is the saddest question to answer. Why? It is because the answer is still unknown.

However, poor countries do not seem to find means to escape the pity of big countries. They simply live with donations. Low financial capacity is usually coupled with blaming the society for all the misfortune. The point we want to stress out is, let us not let personal inadequacies to vanish into thin air. Does a poor country shoot for its personal wealth? Let us say not necessarily finances.

There is a lot of wealth around us. They are available in beautiful forms but we just think money conquers all.