The medical industry is expected to generate more new jobs over the next decade than any other industry. It is predicted to increase spending on manufacturing in the next few years. The medical industry is first and foremost an industry, which exists to make money. The health and well being of its patients is one of the primary concerns of this industry, as well as making money.

The medical industry is growing rapidly, and now is your best chance to grow with it. It is currently undergoing a technical revolution. The medical industry is still behind the curve, with most doctors` offices and hospitals still relying on paper instead of electronics, for patient records. The demand for remote access to diagnostic information has exposed the inadequacy of traditional media such as film, magneto optical (MO) disk, and tape which hinders duplication and transport.

The medical industry is building upon the knowledge, resources, and technologies emanating from the efforts to further understand the genetic contributions to human health. As a result of this expansion of genomics into human health applications, the field of genomic medicine was born. The medical industry is a business, and they realize the profit potential of such "fountains of youth," and will charge dearly for them.

The medical industry is a primary growth sector for most of the world. We play an increasingly important role in supplying precision machined components used in medical monitoring systems. The medical industry is booming in China, which boasts the 7th biggest medical market in the world with more than 6000 pharmaceutical companies and enterprises. All this presents enormous opportunities for cooperation between China and the Western world in the medical field. The medical industry can be a tough one that includes long hours, tough shifts, and emotional drainage. However tough it may be, there is no excuse for medical professionals to slack though, because they have the lives of their patients in their hands.

The medical industry is large, bureaucratic, and sometimes entrenched in the way it operates. It does not see a lot of financial incentive to move to new technology, despite the well documented benefits it offers. The medical industry is projected to have the strongest employment growth of any industry within the next decade, so seeking a medical job is certainly a wise decision. Continued advances in technology, as well as a growing and aging population, will spur this growth and create opportunities for well trained individuals.